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Trinity Healthcare Foundation is a non-governmental organization established primarily to eliminate the incidence and spread of Hepatitis B&C, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Cancer as well as maternal and newborn mortality in Nigeria through massive sensitization programmes, free screening and vaccination exercises (where necessary) as well as delivery of free to low cost treatment options for these victims through strategic partnerships.

Trinity Healthcare Foundation strongly believes that a healthy citizenry is the most critical asset of any country and for Africa to stand tall among the committee of prosperous continents, its citizenry must have unfettered access to proper healthcare

The core essence and drive of the activities of the Trinity Healthcare Foundation is the desire to ensure that all across Africa especially Nigeria, people irrespective of gender and socio-economic situation have access to quality healthcare and are free from preventable diseases.
We believe that with strong partnerships we can build healthy and indeed wealthy communities all across Africa. Through strategic medical intervention programmes, especially aimed at reducing the spread of deadly diseases and communicable health conditions, THF works to ensure that life expectancy in Africa is significantly increased.


Trinity Healthcare Foundation World Hepatitis Day 2018 Activity

History of Trinity Healthcare Foundation

Trinity Healthcare Foundation is a Not-for profit Non-Governmental Organization duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Act.

The organization was established in 2013 as a group committed to public health. In fact, the formation of this group was a gallant and selfless response to the need for public health awareness and intervention particularly with regards to the fight against viral hepatitis.

Since inception, the Foundation has focused on relentlessly fighting the scourge of Hepatitis B&C which though very communicable and dangerous, has received almost no attention in terms of funding for research, testing and vaccination, assistance to its victims and improvement of care facilities.

Today, the organization has recorded remarkable success in the aforementioned objective with its awareness campaign programmes being adjudged the largest and most far-reaching in Nigeria.

Now, the organization has expanded the scope of its activities to include other health issues such as maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and cancer.

At inception, the coverage area was Lagos Nigeria. However, with the inauguration of branches in Adamawa and Kano States the Northern part of Nigeria where the incidence of Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and maternal/newborn mortality is highest is receiving proper attention.

The team under the leadership of the organization’s vice president, Hadjara Zara is ensuring full coverage of the Northern part of the country where access to health information, care and support services is greatly restricted.


— Our Mission

  • To ensure that by 2030, all Africans have access to basic medicare and are sufficiently informed to keep themselves away from all preventable diseases.
  • To ensure that by 2030, the incidence of Hepatitis B&C in Africa is reduced to zero.
  • To ensure that by the target year of 2030, no new HIV and Tuberculosis infections are recorded
  • To have a population that is totally informed about cancer and in preventive measures by 2030
  • To ensure that maternal and infant mortality in Africa falls to at least half the global average.

— Our Vision

To sustainably and inclusively build a strong and healthy African population free from all forms of preventable diseases both as an end in itself and a means to an end which is  wealth creation through active participation in productive activities.



Nseabasi Ekanem Trinity Healthcare Foundation

Nseabasi Ekanem (Executive Director)

Pharm (Dr.) Nseabasi Ekanem is the Executive Director of Trinity Healthcare Foundation. A public health professional with special interest in Gastroenterology. He has over 10 years’ experience in public health having worked with FHI360 under the project Strengthening Integrated Delivery in HIV/AIDS Services (SIDHAS), USAID Projects and Society for Family Health (SFH). A seasoned medical practitioner with extreme passion for expanding people’s access to proper healthcare, Nseabasi Ekanem graduated from the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria as a Doctor of Pharmacy. He later went on to establish Medcart Trinity Pharmaceuticals which he is currently the CEO. Nseabasi Ekanem cofounded the Trinity Healthcare Foundation to help wage a more formidable war against Hepatitis B&C, HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis and Cancer

Hadjara Zara Saleh Trinity Healthcare Foundation

Hadjara Zara (Director Programmes)

Hadjara M.S. Zara is the Vice President of Trinity Healthcare Foundation and works hand in hand with the President and CEO to implement all of the organization’s programmes. Hadjara holds a Masters’ degree in Biochemistry from Stanford University, California and has over 7 years’ experience in public health management especially in Northern Nigeria where access to healthcare is rather limited. She has worked extensively with the UNICEF where she volunteered in the area of child health. Apart from her work in the Foundation, she also operates a public healthcare institution in Adamawa State in North Eastern Nigeria where she has actively intervened in managing patients affected by insurgency. She currently coordinates all the activities of the Trinity Healthcare Foundation in Northern Nigeria

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