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We strive to plug gaps in healthcare delivery especially in underserved communities


Trinity Healthcare Foundation World Hepatitis Day 2018 Activities A

— Hepatitis B Awareness Campaign

This is central to our activities because at THF, we believe that when people are informed about the existence and prevalence of a disease, they are better equipped to take action to keep themselves from contracting the condition. A strong and far-reaching awareness programme is key to halting and reversing the spread of Hepatitis.


— Free Hepatitis Screening and Vaccination

Trinity Healthcare Foundation conducts free screening programmes in a number of communities in Lagos, Ogun, Akwa Ibom, Adamawa and Kano States. over 16,000 people have so far benefited from this initiative.
For all those that are tested and found to be negative, vaccination is administered to build their immunity against the disease. To this end, our free testing programmes are always accompanied with a free vaccination exercise to help reduce the vulnerability of people to the Hepatitis B. Since the inception of the Foundation, over 5,000 Nigerians have benefited from the free vaccination exercise.


— Maternal and Child Healthcare

At Trinity Healthcare Foundation, we prioritize maternal and child health. We work with primary healthcare centres especially in rural communities in the area of manpower development and training of nurses and midwives on best practices in maternal and child health management.
We also work with Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) by equipping them with the right information on maternal and newborn care as well as tools to facilitate improved services.
For us, working with these TBAs is essential to reducing deaths due to post-partum haemorrhage, malaria, and other killer diseases among children. 


— HIV/AIDS Screening and Counseling

Winning the fight against HIV/AIDS is also critical to building healthy communities and we are committed to seeing this become a reality. Our work in HIV/AIDS prevention and support is in the areas of Screening and Counseling as well as referral of identified patients to partner institutions for treatment and care while we also conduct follow up.


— Tuberculosis Screening and Support

Tuberculosis remains one of the most challenging health conditions in sub Saharan Africa and is claiming lots of lives across the continent largely because of lack of knowledge on preventive actions among Africans. Our work in the campaign against Tuberculosis comprises awareness creation, Screening, referral as well as support to those living with the condition.


— Care for Cancer Patients

Cancer is up until now one of the few health conditions with no known remedy. However, we know that early detection is the surest way of surviving the scourge. That is why part of our work is to provide opportunities for people to learn whether or not they have the early signs of cancer, at which stage remedy is possible.


Bringing succor to those living with Hepatitis

Most of those living with Hepatitis are within the middle income and low class who cannot afford the high cost of managing or treating Hepatitis. We therefore partner with drug manufacturers and other good-spirited individuals and corporate institutions to provide affordable access to medication for those living with Hepatitis.

Hepatitis Screening

Helping people living with HIV/AIDS to lead healthy lives

We strive to change the perception that positivity to HIV/AIDS is a death sentence. We believe that when people know their status and own up to their positivity to the condition, they will be able to take action to lead healthy lives. With this, mortality due to HIV/AIDS as well as new infections will reduce precipitously.

Hepatitis B Prevention

Improving access to maternal care for rural women

We understand that poor access to maternal care both antenatal and post-natal contribute very significantly to the huge maternal and newborn death burden in our communities.
We are therefore working with all the key players in the maternal and child care space to identify and fill gaps in maternal and child care.

2017 World Hepatitis Day

Reducing mortality due to cancer

Because of the insidious nature of cancer, most of the victims realize their condition when it would have been too late for any meaningful remedy. We are therefore committed to educating people on the need for regular examination as well as the early symptoms to look out for. This strategy leverages the fact that early detection is the surest way of preventing deaths due to cancer.

Public Health Sensitization

Advancing the fight against tuberculosis

Our firm believe that with collective effort, we can defeat tuberculosis and save the lives of millions who die daily from the condition propels us into carrying out grassroot sensitization campaigns and screening exercises to provide timely preventive or curative intervention.

Public Health Education

Public health education

We continually execute public health programmes to enable people especially those not connected to information sources get access to the right health information which will enable them make sound decisions about their health.

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