HPV Vaccination in Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination

While you must have definitely heard of how deadly cancer is, and the fact that it has no known cure which necessitates cancer prevention, you might not have heard about the predominant causative agent of most known cancer forms.

In the age of preventive medicine such as now, more emphasis is laid on prevention as it is cheaper, safer and more assuring than cure.

Medical research has identified Human Papiloma Virus HPV as the leading cause of most cancer cases among humans. Since cure for cancer is still out of the reach of mankind, cancer prevention through HPV vaccination remains the best and indeed the only guaranteed way to keep oneself from contracting the condition.

In fact, it is medically determined that HPV Vaccination can protect you and your family from having six types of cancer namely:
Mouth & Throat
Anal &
Vulva cancers.

Therefore, a decision to get vaccinated against Human Papiloma Virus is about the best decision you can take to safeguard your family from the most common types of cancers.

You might be wondering “At what ages is the vaccine administered and how many doses are required?”
Here are the answers:

Age Ranges

Individuals between the ages 9 years to 27 years especially those that haven’t been sexually active (according to Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) can take the vaccine.
Recently, the American Committee for Immunization Practice (ACIP) increased the age bracket to 45 years.

HPV Vaccination Dosage

Individuals with family history of cancers should take 3 shots of the vaccine six months apart
Individuals without family history of cancers should take two shots of the vaccine six months apart.

It’s time to get your children vaccinated against the cancer causing virus -the Human Papiloma Virus.

For further information on cancer care as well as referral to verified HPV vaccination points, please call 080cancer or 08028791004
Or email: info@trinityhealthcarefoundation.org

Do your best to keep yourself from the Human Papiloma Virus and by extension, cancer.

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